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Happy Hands, Happy Heart

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December 8, 2017 at 10:11 pm

Thanks Bendigo Made for a great interview with Emma. I can relate to her story so well! As a young mum with 4 kids (in the 80’s) I worked part time as a personal trainer and dietician at a local gym until no. 2 child was born. I desperately wanted to be in control of my working hours for my kids sake. So after much research I developed a home based cooking school focussed on organic seasonal food and sour dough baking. It was fabulous for 8 years but I burnt out and needed a change- my hobby since my teens had been visual art and painting, so I shifted my ‘teaching’ to painting and drawing classes, 27 years later I’m still passionate and involved in ceramics and painting.
What I admire so many women for, is exactly what Emma and myself did- got creative in our entrepreneur experiences and managed to raise our children and build successful businesses. And we successfully altered the speed of the business according to our families needs at the time.
We all deserve to be very, very proud.
ps- I have made home made play dough for decades (now for my grandchildren) and Emma, I LOVE that you shoozed it up in such a fabulous way by introducing extra sensory experiences- huge congratulations!

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